Terms and Conditions

Upon booking Cinderella Arrivals for a Wedding/Event, you must provide us with accurate information to clearly understand your desired wedding/event outcome.

Cinderella Arrivals reserves the right to not offer our services at some venues or requests due to the safety of our team.

Any changes to the date, time or location of the Wedding/Event after receiving a complete information request and deposit must be submitted in writing for approval and are subject to price changes.

The deposit is 50% of the quoted price. Your deposit holds your desired date and time for Cinderella Arrivals Services at your selected venue and is not refundable/transferable.

The final Booking fee payment is due 30 days out for your Wedding/Event. We will email the final invoice to the contact email on the Information Request Form. Please ensure it is correct. Failure to pay can result in disruption or disappointment on your Wedding/Event day.

If Cinderella Arrivals cannot fulfil our agreement, you will receive a full refund minus 25% of the quoted price as a booking/holding fee.

Reasons Cinderella Arrivals may cancel your booking

Unsafe Conditions for our team (Horses and Humans), we will do our best to ensure that we have visited the venue and walked through the day plans with the Bride, Coordinator, and Venue Manager to ensure we are well aware of hazards before time and can adjust to make your Wedding/Event happens as best we can. However, many things are out of our control: venue, the general public, roads, construction, and weather. We will do everything in our power to ensure the best possible outcome, but if the safety of our team is at risk, we won't be able to deliver you to your event safely.

In the event of rain, have transparent rain sheets for the carriage and will go ahead in light rain. However, in the event of consistent heavy downpours and or lighting, we may have to cancel for the safety of everyone. If Cinderella Arrivals cancels, you will receive a 75% refund of your booking within 30 days of receiving your Bank account details.

Cancellations on the day of your Wedding/Event, No-Shows or Late Arrivals will receive no refund.

If you cancel your Wedding/Event within two weeks your Wedding/Event, only 10% of your Booking Fee will be refunded.

Cancellations before the two count down of your Wedding/Event will be refunded at 50% if we can secure another booking for the same date. Or 25% if not.
On the day!
Riding in the Carriage

Children under 16 must have their parent's permission and be accompanied by an adult when riding in the carriage.

When around or near carriages and horses, passengers must follow instructions from Cinderella Arrivals Staff.

Passengers must remain seated when the carriage is in motion.

We at Cinderella Arrivals reserve the right to cancel/stop/refuse travel if we encounter rude behaviour, abuse, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

No smoking in or within 20 metres of the Carriage and Horses

No Food, Drink or Animals, such as dogs (However small), will be permitted on the carriage.

Small Items, Folding Prams and pushchairs may be carried on the carriage, but they must be smaller than (dimensions here); these will be held in the footman's area at the back.

Cinderella Arrivals will not be responsible for negligence by the person(s) riding in the carriage, attending, or viewing the wedding, inclusive of hired vendors servicing the wedding.

For the safety of our horses, we ask that confetti/sparklers/fireworks of any type not be thrown or used anywhere near the horses and carriage.

The maximum distance travelled by Cinderella Arrivals Horses and Carriage is 10km per booking period, subject to suitability, such as road conditions, steep inclines, and number of passengers.
As standard Cinderella Arrivals provides

- Two Clean, Presentable & Sound (healthy) Horses dressed in Black Cinderella Arrival Loin Clothes for pulling the Cinderella Arrivals Carriage;

- Two Cinderella Arrivals Coachpersons dressed in matching Top Hats and Tails

- One Black Cinderella Carriage with Silver Crown, fixings and matching black Harnesses.
Additional Services are provided upon request and will be discussed during booking.

- Styled plaiting of horse's manes, with chosen colours.

- Matching Feather headdress for horses

- Personalized loin clothes

- Additional Coach/Foot persons for carriage, dressed in match Top Hat and Tails (max of 5 Coachman), recommended 1 Additional for opening and closing doors, arranging dresses, taking pictures on your phone, etc.

- Decoration of Carriage with Flowers of Chosen Colour

Cinderella Arrivals is a Big Set Up, but it is what makes us, US! To make us available at your chosen location, we will need space for two vehicles with massive trailers, space to plait, harness and safety handle horses and unload our carriage. (Approximately 12 Car Spaces) This space must be relatively flat, out of the way of your guests and other event providers/venues, yet close enough to serve you. The setup area must be designated before the booking is made.

Cinderella Arrivals reserves the right to take Photos and Videos as promotional material for our Social Media Accounts, Website, Printed Materials, and wherever else needed. We will use these 60 days after your Wedding/Event or after you have posted if before the 60 days of your Wedding/Event, giving you plenty of time to make first announcements, etc.

Cinderella Arrivals reserves the right to adjust pick-up time, arrival time and routes taken by horse and carriage, if needed, to ensure delivery to the ceremony location is as close to on time as possible.

Additional time on the day/overtime with horses and carriage will be charged $500/hour and due on the day in cash or Osko transfer. Ask when booking if you need additional time; it will be cheaper.

Cinderella Arrivals wishes to give you a truly magical princess experience. By paying your deposit for your booking, you agree to understand our Requirements, Terms and Conditions and will abide by all outlined in Cinderella Arrivals Terms and Conditions.