About Cinderella Arrivals

Cinderella Arrivals is Leeanne's labour of love for uniquely beautiful, exquisite & Magical and not being able to find it for her wedding in 2016. While Cinderella's arrival wasn't available in 2016, Leeanne's flare for the different had her riding an incredibly rare Friesian Stallion down the aisle dressed as a unicorn. And she is the first person to tell you that was no easy feat, and she almost gave up on her vision several times.

Her love of the rare all-black, heavy dutch horse (Friesian) drives Cinderella's Arrivals, with her vision to see a team of 8 or 10 Friesian horses up in front of our built-to-order Black Pumpkin Carriage. However, these horses are hard to find and even harder to see going in harnesses, so the plan is to breed them. Every wedding/photoshoot booking helps her bring these gorgeous horses back to life and see this ambitious dream become a reality, not to mention you get to create truly magical moments for your big day.

  • Current Harness Team:2 x Percheron X's - "Gus & Jess"
  • In Training:Purebred Friesian Mare - Nynke Van Gelder
  • Looking for:Purebred Friesian to match Nynke
  • Bred to date:Colt - Ajani of Roselee - 4th Jan 2024
  • Bred to date:Full sibling - due Nov 2024