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Horse Drawn Carriage

There is something timeless and special about arriving by horse and carriage, an ode to yesterday when time moved slower and you could enjoy your moments as they happened. Let the Team at Cinderella Arrivals escort you to your special day, take care of you in your lovely dress, and have you arrive just like a princess to your special day.

Sprinkle a little magic on your special day with Cinderella Arrivals

Evoke elegance, romance and tradition at your wedding for your guests by arriving in a beautiful horse drawn carriage. Imagine when your guests first see you stepping out of our black cinderella carriage in your gorgeous wedding dress. The black beauty of horse-drawn vehicles beautifully frames you in your dress as you take your first step towards your new life journey. This moment will be photographed and forever hold memories of all your hopes and dreams as you step towards your special someone at the other end of the aisle.

With Cinderella Arrivals, you can combine tradition and fantasy and make all your dreams come true on your special day. Step out of a unique black pumpkin cinderella carriage drawn by two magnificent black horses, just like in your favourite children's stories, and create memories and moments you will cherish forever.

Book something extraordinary & unique for yourself for your upcoming event, a wedding carriage, and arrive like Cinderella in our epic Black Pumpkin carriage pulled by two beautiful Black Beauty Horses.

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